Maibe Morris


Ben Morris

Dr Ben Morris

Currently practicing, GMC registered, aesthetic doctor and NHS anaesthetist

Dr Menka Chachlani

Currently Practicing, GMC registered, aesthetic doctor and NHS anaesthetist.


Dr Chris Bennett

Currently practicing, GMC registered, aesthetic doctor and NHS anaesthetist

The idea for setting up Tu Aesthetica, an advanced medical aesthetic skin and wellbeing clinic, arose after a friend asked me for some advice – as someone with an interest in skincare – having had lip filler treatment that looked awful, lumpy, and sore. The friend (who is a successful lawyer!) used to go to a beauty salon for cosmetic treatments and her practitioner was a “lady who injects” without any medical training. After doing some research I realised how unregulated the aesthetics world was, and how people were undergoing treatments without any idea of what risks they were exposing themselves to.

Knowing Dr Ben Morris as a doctor who qualified from Oxford University and practises as an anaesthetist in the NHS, I asked his thoughts. With him daily performing precise injections (epidurals, spinal anaesthetics, nerve blocks etc) we realised that with some additional training in aesthetics, Ben could offer safe and effective treatments to people who might otherwise be tempted to undergo medical procedures from completely unqualified people. With his passion for helping people that inspired him to become a doctor in the first place, he felt being able to offer these procedures at prices similar to those that are charged by non-medical ‘practitioners’ at high street salons, we would be able to offer safety and peace of mind to those who might otherwise choose a more risky option because of affordability.

With our focus on being accessible for all, my research also highlighted how unusual it was for a male doctor to feature in the aesthetics industry, despite ever increasing numbers of men seeking cosmetic treatments. With this in mind I wanted to make clear we’re here for everyone. And as we’re a company with Spanish roots I chose the Spanish word for ‘Your’ to bring you ‘Tu Aesthetica’.

Tu Aesthetica: Aesthetics For You, Whoever You Are.


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