No, not all aesthetics look fake. But why do some people get it so right, and some so wrong?

Firstly, there are a small demographic that like looking totally fake and worked on. If that’s what they want, who the hell are we to judge? Not my body, not my problem. (When it’s done without due care or is negligent, or unsafe, we’re into very different waters of course).

But often, in our not insignificant experience people are recommended an injector, often that push their wares for free in return for publicity. It usually doesn’t end well, because if they need the publicity… it’s because they weren’t that great to begin with!

Sometimes it’s just too much. Perhaps the injector is just too nervous to say no.

Sometimes, the injector is…well, for want of a better phrase… A bit sh*t.

But the ABSOLUTE truth is, that in the right, safe, experienced medical hands, and using the right products, aesthetics and surgery can be a life-changing, confidence boosting miracle. It’s why most of us in the industry do our jobs. There is a risk with ANY procedure, but whether it’s a 1% risk or a 90% risk is down to the hands you’re in, pure and simple.

Otherwise the scale of good and bad wouldn’t be so vastly polarised?  It’s logical. Just get it right.


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